• Profil Jessica Vania JKT48 Versi Aki Takajo

     Profil Jessica Vania JKT48 Versi Aki Takajo

    Di blog pribadinya Aki Takajo, member JKT48 transfer dari AKB48 menulis profil Jessica Vania menurut pandangan pribadinya. blog pribadi Aki Takajo dapat diakses di sini berbahasa jepang. ini sudah ditranslate ke bahasa inggris, terimakasih untuk takumi. yuk lihat bagaimana deskripsi profil Jessica Vania versi Akichan..^^

    Jessica Vania JKT48
    Jessica Vania JKT48

    Good Morning!

    I have the concert  rehearsal today!!

    Since I had been in Japan so long,
    I am behind of what I have to do in Jakarta, I must catch up!!!(o_o)

    The Member I introduce today is…
    Jessica Vania

    Yes. Jessica(^ ^)!

    Jeje was born on January 22nd 1996, now she is 17!

    She has perfect pitch, she can play the songs with the instruments like piano,
     right after she listened to!

    She once played “Pontail to chouchou" and “Sakura no kini narou" for me! 
    It was great o(`ω´ )o

    Usually she looks matured among the members, but she can be very funny once something turns on! lol

    I want fans to see how she is then.lol

    She loves fashion, too. We promised to go shopping together!
    But so far, we have not made it yet, I will go shopping with Ve and Jeje♪

    OK! I GANBARU for today!

    Thanks for reading, itu dia postingan Profil Jessica Vania JKT48 versi Akichan,, 
    Cinta JKT48, Cinta Indonesia!

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